Episode 7 - Death to the Bloodreavers

Hunting the Bloodreavers:

Approaching chamber of eyes

After meeting with the wizard, the party decided to continue their hunt for the abducted townsfolk and seek out the Bloodreavers.

Back at the Halfmoon Inn, they approached Rendil.

“Uhmm, well, I can’t really take the time away from the inn right now. You know, gotta keep the business running. But if I could, I’d go down there with ya and show those Bloodreavers a thing or two.”

“It’s really not hard to find the Chamber of Eyes, you just take the old Miner’s Path. Follow the Dwarven runes on the walls and you’ll be there in no time.”

“Do you know what we can expect when we get there?” asked Tempest.

“I can’t rightly say; it’s been a long time since I’ve been down there myself. I do know that it’s an old temple of some sort” replied Rendil.

“And numbers? Do you know how many there are?”

“Their gang is pretty big but I image they won’t all be there. Could be as few as ten or as many as thirty.”

The Chamber of Eyes:

Chamber of eyes2

Following the Dwarven markings and runes along the old Miner’s Path, the party made its way deeper into the labyrinth. After several twists and turns, they reached a set of stairs leading up to a well lit room. On the right side were more steps leading up to a large set of double doors. At the far end of the room was a balcony 15’ above them. The party could see a door on the right hand side of the balcony. While deciding what to do, voices were heard from behind the double doors.

They decided they would attempt to enter through the balcony door.

With Balomir and Paelias’ assistance, Tempest easily scaled to the upper level. Throwing down a rope, he hauled each of the party up one by one. Once everyone was in place, Balomir threw open the door and charged in.

The room beyond appeared to be a barracks. Several beds lined two walls and snoring could be heard coming from one. Sitting by the hearth were two goblins. The party stormed the room, engaging the goblins and waking a bugbear from his sleep. Two more goblins entered through a doorway at the back. The party finished off the bugbear in short order. Seeing this, the remaining goblins made a break for the door but didn’t get far as Paelias, calling on his eladrin powers, teleported to the doorway, blocking their escape.

Quickly searching the bugbear and goblins, Paelias found a key and a sturdy leather belt with a shiny silver buckle. “This must be the key for the main doors. What do you make of this belt?”

Examining the belt, Woodie and Galt determined that it had magical healing properties. “Perhaps Balomir might find this useful” Galt offered.

“Aye, that might come in handy tae keep you lot alive.” Balomir chuckled.

Moving through the doorway and across the hall, the party entered another room. On the far side was a pool of clean water. A statue of a half woman, half fish sat in the middle.

“That sure is a pretty statue. How much do you think its worth?” asked Galt.

“There’s no bloody way I’m carryin’ that damn statue around” grumbled Balomir.

“It looks pretty heavy. Do you think you could carry it? I bet you couldn’t” teased Galt.

“Hrrmm” huffed Balomir as he made his way back to the hallway.

Continuing their search of the Bloodreaver’s base, the party headed down another hallway terminating at a door. As they approached, they heard a small clattering sound followed by a burst of coarse laughter and angry muttering. A few moments later they heard more clattering and low guttural voices.

Throwing open the door, the party rushed into a long narrow room; a combination kitchen, storeroom and mess hall. Several barrels and a woodpile were in the kitchen area, where a large cooking fire burned. Three hobgoblins and a pair of humans were gathered around a battered old table playing dice. The creatures looked up in alarm and reached for their weapons.

While the party engaged the hobgoblins and humans, an unseen assailant peppered them with a crossbow. With her keen eyes, Woodie spotted two goblin snipers hiding amongst the barrels at the far end of the room. “They’re in the barrels!” she shouted in warning before unleashing a flaming sphere on the stealthy opponents.

With ease, the party finished off this batch of Bloodreavers. A quick search of the area found a handful of gems, a small pile of gold coins, a healing potion and a scimitar of superior quality. Picking up the scimitar, Balomir easily determined it had magical qualities. “Hmm, this might come in handy against these Bloodreavers” he said smiling.

Heading back out to the hallway, the party came upon a set of double doors and some stairs leading up to another door. Voices were heard from the other side of the double doors.

“These doors must lead to the main chamber. Perhaps we should check that door at the top of the stairs first. We wouldn’t want anyone sneaking in behind us” Tempest reasoned.

And so they made their way up the stairs. Another door was thrown open, with Balomir charging in. Two fierce looking dwarves with gray skin and stiff beards of rust-red bristles were enjoying the warmth of a fire. Seeing Balomir and Paelias, they sprung to their feet, drawing their weapons and shouting for help.

Moments after engaging the two dwarves, two hobgoblins appeared in the adjoining hallway. One, obviously a warcaster and another, bigger than any hobgoblin they had ever seen. This must be their leader, Krand.

Meanwhile, back on the stairs, the remaining party members heard the double doors burst open. An enormous dire wolf rushed into the hallway and charged up the stairs after them.

Galt Goes Mad:

Akira 2 1

As the rest of the party began to engage the evil Bloodreavers, something wet and and limp and malevolent flipped a switch in Galt’s mind. Reaching out with a rabid, ravenous metacarpus rendered turgid with eldritch power, Galt -now a proxy for some otherworldly and soul-lusting force – loosed leeching cosmic quintessence. A queeching, shuddery gasp of mad, malisonic babel escaped Galt’s lips and the awful fire of stars belched at his comrades rather than the creeping antediluvian foes the heroes faced. The anti-magnetic burst of sloppy, depraved vapor splooged about with dreadful carelessness. Wriggling with ecstatic madness Galt saw his outstretched hand not as the cunning, dexterous thing that lifted his people out of the antediluvian muck, that helped them to overcome their wretched primitive existence in ages forgotten and allowed the halfling race to spawn all the other off-shoot races.

No, instead a flailing and deliciously amorphous flagellum seemed to extend from his arm. A notion horrifying and yet enticing emanated from the pleasurable frissons he felt in the awful tentacle. If he just let go and did the bidding of the far away mind, the heavy, humming speck in the dead of space, then he could lose all control and revert to a quivering, gelatinous, many-armed thing, wriggling around, stretching out and drinking all those around him, piercing their puny skulls with. Galt shook himself as the snarls of the mad giant dog brought him back from the brink and he re-directed his eldritched blasts to their proper targets.

What was that dreadful thing out there feeding his power? He had no time to meditate on it further as he dodged an arrow.

Quickly making their way up to the room, Galt and Woodie shut the door behind them.

Seeing Krand coming down the hallway, Balomir moved forward to block his entry into the room while the rest of the party engaged the gray skinned dwarves who were busy concentrating on Paelias.

Seconds later the door was ripped open as the dire wolf attempted to enter the room. Tempest and Paelias both moved to block it from coming in.

As the battle ensued, three more hobgoblins appeared behind Krand and starting firing arrows into the room.

Concentrating their fire on the gray skinned dwarves, Woodie and Galt were able to put them down. The warcaster blasted the party with his magic, knocking everyone around the room allowing Krand to enter. With a mighty blow, he knocked Tempest to the ground. Seeing this, Balomir rushed over to his fallen comrade and administered a healing potion. Seconds later, the warcaster blasted the room with more of his foul magic and knocked Woodie to the ground. Galt was quick to her rescue with another healing potion.

On the other side of the room, Paelias dealt a final blow to the dire wolf and turned his attention back to Krand.

With the gray skinned dwarves no longer a threat, the party was able to kill Krand and his warcaster quickly.

“Throw down your weapons and you’ll live” bellowed Tempest to the remaining hobgoblin archers down the hall. Demoralized after seeing their leader slain, they turned tail and ran.

Breathing a collective sigh of relief, the party took a moment to rest. Tempest and Balomir saw to the parties wounds while Paelias began a search of the rooms.

“I’ve never seen dwarves with gray skin” said Woodie.

“They’re no dwarves” replied Balomir angrily. “They’re duergar.” “They sure look like dwarves to me” Galt offered.

“Aye, they were dwarves a long time ago but not any more. Their mines ran too deep. Some say their minds were twisted by ancient evils in the dark. Others say they befriended demons. Whatever happened tae them, they’re nothin’ but cruel and evil now.”

Searching Krand’s room, Paelias found a chest containing gems, gold, a potion of healing and a magic suit of chainmail. On the desk was a letter written in common explaining that the slaves had been purchased for 1,000 gp. It was signed two days ago by Murelmor Grimmerzhul.

Episode 7 - Death to the Bloodreavers

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