Episode 4 - Rips in the Veil

The glowing runes fade and the portal opens to reveal a flight of stairs. Our adventurers make their way down and follow the long corridor they find at the bottom. After walking some distance, the corridor opens into a massive underground cavern. Estimating the size is difficult; a thousand paces? A full league? The cavern’s height is even more difficult to judge as the ceiling is obscured by swirling storm clouds creating a vortex in the center and lighting up the entire cavern.

From the mouth of the corridor, the ground slopes down towards the centre of the cavern where a white building sits. Piercing the cavern floor are large shards of red obsidian, some over twenty feet tall. Small rocks litter the ground.

Carefully navigating the sharp rocks, our party start making their way towards the building in the centre. As we get closer, it appears the building is some sort of temple and is surrounded by a moat like chasm with a narrow bridge connected to it.

If all this was not a curious enough sight, the party see “portals” blinking open and closed in the air around them. These portals vary in size and in the duration they stay open.; a few inches to a few feet, a few seconds to a minute. The power of this place appears to be unstable.

Suddenly, from somewhere nearby, a voice yells out “Behind you!”.

Turning and scanning the area, we spot a group of unnatural looking creatures. Several “dogs” are being led by three larger creatures. Two have massive claws, the third carries a savage looking whip.

Our heroes take up defensive positions as the creatures engage.

A halfling in dark leathers appears from behind one of the obsidian shards and joins the fight, slashing the creatures with two odd shaped blades.

One by one, the dog-like creatures are put down. The unknown halfling fights ferociously, striking again and again but the larger creatures, once bloodied, fight back with a ferocity of their own and deliver a final blow that knocks him to the ground. Galt, seeing this and perhaps feeling obligated to help one of his own kin, darts into the middle of the fray and using his eldritch power, teleports the fallen halfling out of the creatures’ reach.

Without their pack of dogs to shield them any longer, the three larger creatures are quickly dispatched by our adventurers. As the last one falls, we gather round this unknown halfling. Balomir calls forth his healing powers and the halfling stirs back to consciousness.

This was the halfling Sting, a ranger with adventure in his eyes and revenge in his heart.

After introductions and a quick rest we continued our descent towards the white temple. The swirling storm clouds overhead roared louder and more intense with each step we took. As we got closer, we could make out Bahamut symbols on the walls of the temple. The vortex on the cavern ceiling was tearing the temple apart.

Coming into sight of the rope bridge we spot a giant skeletal creature standing motionless, guarding passage to the temple.

Stopping in his tracks, Balomir, remembering the previous night’s dream and Kord’s words, said “I’ve seen this creature before. I cannae fight it wi’ me axe.”

“Did you just say without your axe?” came Galt’s bewildered reply.

“Aye, laddie.”

With that, we started moving towards the creature. Watching us with its unblinking eyes, the creature waited for us to get closer before rising to engage us.

Paelias moved into a flanking position to the creature’s left. Balomir charged forward, dropping his shield and axe to the ground and attacked the creature with his bare hands. Sting advanced with his knives drawn while Galt and Woodie prepared their magic.

The creature lashed out with it’s massive, powerful arms and belched forth a foul, necrotic stench.

Balomir reached up and seized the creature’s arms in an attempt to prevent it from striking his comrades. As his strong, calloused hands latched on, holy energies streamed through him causing the creature to feel the righteous wrath of Kord.

Both Paelias and Sting repeatedly slashed the creature with their blades while Galt and Woodie cast their magics against it.

Again and again, the skeletal abomination attempted to strike with its arms but Balomir held firm until at last, it could no longer withstand the party’s onslaught and it crumpled to the ground

Episode 4 - Rips in the Veil

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