Episode 16 - Well of Demons, Part IV

The Well of Demons – The Proving Grounds – The South Room:

A hot blast of damp air washes over the party as the double doors to this chamber open. The room ahead is carved from black rock. Here and there, pillars formed of piled bodies stretch from floor to ceiling. Gibbering mouths, darting eyes, and squirming arms which end in taloned hands move within the strange columns of flesh. As one, the forms within the pillars let loose a mournful howl.

Moving in, the party begin attacking the pillars.

Hack, slash, shoot and blast.

As she moves forward, Woodie spots an alter at the far end of the room. Atop it sits a large bell; the final item they require to complete the ritual.

The eyes of the figures within the pillars glow with a terrifying energy. Tempest and Balomir are both pushed back several feet.

Suddenly, more of the foul evistro demons appear standing beside the pillars. Another balgura appears in the back of the room beside the alter.

In an attempt to gain the bell, Woodie calls forth a magical hand that flies across the room and grasps at it. As she tries to lift the object, several large spikes shoot out from the bell and rip the magical hand to shreds.

The air around the pillars warps as the figures within the pillars scream in rage. Tempest is teleported to the far side of the room where the balgura lays into him with it’s massive claws.

The figures within the pillars gnash their teeth trying to bite at creatures nearby but fail to succeed as nobody is standing close enough.

The figures within the pillars open their mouths and unleash streams of acid. Balomir and Galt reel back from the corrosive liquid as it sprays across them.

The demons fight hard but in the end, the party sends them back to their fiery homes.

As the last one fell, Woodie tried once again to pick up the bell with her magical hand. This time she was successful and in the process, she noticed a small, hidden compartment at the base of the alter. Opening the lid, she saw a set of glowing bracers inside. Taking the bell and the bracers, the party returned to the hall.

The Well of Demons – Releasing the Guardian:

With the four items now in their possession, the party set about planning their actions to release the guardian.

Woodie takes the book into the room of pools.

Tempest takes the mask into the room with the broken statues.

Galt moves to the room with the alter and minotaur statues with the bell.

And Balomir holds the blade in the prison room with the skeletal remains.

Caewin, standing near the locked eastern doors, calls out to the other adventurers, “On three, place the items in the rune circles…. One! Two! Three!”

As each of the party places their item, the doors in the area simultaneously bang open. From somewhere beyond comes a roar that echoes throughout the complex.

Standing near the central hallway, Caewin sees the massive force sphere make its way around. If anything gets in its way, it will surely be crushed.

In the pool room, a vortex of blue liquid appeared out of the blue pool. Woodie thought she might be able to destroy it but after it lashed out at her, she decided to ignore it and make her way to the locked doors.

In the room with the broken statues, Tempest saw two massive crossbows drop from the ceiling and open fire on him. Quickly engaging his magic armour, he breached through the wall and into the hallway.

In the alter room, the minotaur statues began wailing a fearful screech. Galt fled the room and headed towards the locked doors as fast as his little legs would carry him.

In the prison room, the skeletal remains began grasping out at the adventurers there. Balomir thought his religious training might offer a way to put these creatures to a final rest but he was unable to find the correct incantations.

Moving through the hallway to join the others, Tempest rounded a corner just as the guardian appeared. A fierce green dragon, it swooped past him and attempted to rend him with its taloned claws. The knight ducked below the attack and made his way to the others by the locked doors.

Flying back, the dragon came at the party, its poison breath engulfing the adventurers.

As the seconds passed, the party attacked the beast with everything they had. Except Balomir who was caught up in the skeletal remains’ grasp, effectively taking him out of the entire fight.

But it mattered not as the dragon soon fell to the party’s onslaught.

Slowly, the locked doors opened until finally, they revealed a passageway filled with thick gray mist.

With the guardian defeated, the party prepare for who knows what through the mist.

Episode 16 - Well of Demons, Part IV

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