Episode 15 - Well of Demons, Part III

The Well of Demons – The Proving Grounds – The North Room:

The doors open to reveal a 10-foot wide room. Jet-black curtains hang from hooks set into the ceiling, forming a wall ahead of the party.

Sting, crouching down, lifts a corner of a curtain and peers underneath. He sees a long room with several pillars. On the closest pillar, he sees a mirror. As his eyes gaze on it, he sees his reflection, his face appears sickly pale and skeletal. Reeling back in pain, he tells the others what he saw.

Moving cautiously into the room and keeping his eyes down, Tempest moves towards the closest pillar but still, his eyes are drawn to the mirror where he too sees a sickly pale, skeletal image of himself. Brushing aside the pain he feels, he attempts to smash the mirror.

Woodie also succumbs to the mirror’s effect but in doing so, she’s able to tell that these mirrors are magically enchanted to drain life energies from anyone peering at them. Smashing them should disable the magic.

Throwing his dagger at the next mirror, Paelias watches as it disappears into the glass. A moment later, he sees the magical blade flying towards him from the far end of the hall.

Woodie blasts the closest mirror with her magic missiles and the glass explodes to the ground.

Moving further into the room, Tempest tries to smash the next mirror but as his eyes gaze on it, he is teleported to a different location; a small dark chamber. From the far end, red eyes appear through the darkness and an incensed gnoll charges towards him. Frothing at the mouth, the beast’s claws lash out at the knight.

Balomir notices that the mirrors at the far end of the hall seem to have no effect on the party. “I think ye ‘ave tae be close tea ‘em. Hit ‘em from a distance.”

With that, Caewin began peppering the farthest mirrors with her spirit arrows. Woodie soon followed suit, blasting the mirrors with her magic missiles. And one by one, the mirrors fell to the pair’s attacks.

Meanwhile, Sting made his way around the edge of the room with his eyes closed. Unfortunately, he walked straight into one of the mirrors and was teleported to the small room with Tempest and the snarling gnoll. The two fighters engaged the gnoll with their blades.

Looking directly into another mirror, Paelias was teleported to the far end of the hall. “Hey guys, that second mirror is ok. I’m down here,” he called out.

Not wanting his comrade to move off alone, Balomir risked looking into the same mirror Paelias just looked into and teleported to stand beside the eladrin at the far end of the hall.

The two of them saw another set of curtains blocking the far end of the room. Brushing them aside, Paelias peered around. Two large skeletons stood flanking an alter with a mask sitting atop it.

Tempest and Sting continued to fight the gnoll. Woodie and Caewin continued to destroy the mirrors. Balomir and Paelias engaged the two skeletons.

Tempest’s blade struck down the gnoll.

Moving towards the back of the hall, Caewin called out “move the curtain aside”. Turning around, Balomir grabbed the material and tore it from the ceiling. In doing so, he gazed upon the closest mirror and was stunned by its magic.

With a clear shot open to them, Woodie and Caewin started to blast the skeletons with their magics and arrows.

While moving to engage a skeleton, Paelias’ gaze caught another of the mirrors and he was instantly whisked away to join Tempest and Sting in the small room.

As the second skeleton fell, Balomir also gazed upon the mirror and was teleported to the small room with his friends.

Examining the alter, Woodie and Caewin see a circle with a hand print. Realizing this must have some magical properties, Caewin pushes her hand into the circle.

Tempest, Sting, Paelias and Balomir suddenly appear beside her on the raised platform.

Woodie grabbed the mask and the party made their way back to the hall.

The Well of Demons – An Interrupted Rest:

After the last several encounters, the party decide to take a break. Setting up a simple camp, they lay down to rest.

Moments after nodding off, they are awoken by a roar. Jumping to their feet, they see another of the beastly demon-apes emerging from some sort of temporal portal.

Pulling their weapons, the party engage the beast. Overwhelmed by attacks all around it, the beast strikes out at Balomir but misses. Seconds later, the party pour it on and bring the creature to the ground.

Returning to their bedrolls, the party resume their rest.

The Well of Demons – The Proving Grounds – The West Room:

Moving to the western set of doors, the party listen but hear nothing. Tempest steps forward and opens the doors. Before the party is a scene torn from the Abyss. They stand on a small stone platform overlooking two large pools of blood. A stone walkway divides the room and sits just above the surface of the pools. On opposite sides of the room, large bronze statues of snarling minotaurs face each other. Each minotaur statue holds a long barbed whip, as if about to strike. A smaller minotaur statue stands beside each of the doors leading into this place. Flanking the large statue on the far side of the room are two pedestals that rise out of the blood. On one pedestal rests a gray dagger-sized blade. On the other rests a matching hilt. Several dark forms lie below the surface of the pools of blood.

Tempest leapt forward to engage one of the dark forms: an evistro demon.

As he moved forward, gears inside the closest statue turned and the massive whip lashed out at the party, hitting Paelias, Caewin and Tempest.

Seeing the blade and hilt on the other side of the room, Balomir and his dire boar charge forward. Jumping across to the statue’s platform then turning towards the center of the room and leaping across to the center platform.

Paelias thought he might be able to disable the statue’s whip so he jumped across and attempted to climb on top.

Tempest, Woodie, Caewin and Sting engage the evistro demons while Balomir continues towards the blade and hilt on the back of his ferocious dire boar. Jumping to the first platform, he grabs hold of the blade and turns back towards the centre platform.

The statues whip again, this time hitting Balomir and Sting.

Atop the statue now, Paelias rams his blade into the mechanism. A single cog is snapped off a gear and the statue continues to swing the whip.

The evistros are all around Tempest. One after the other, the creatures lash out at the hulking warrior with their horrific claws. One fateful blow lands true and the blue skinned knight is knocked to the ground.

Vaulting across to the last platform, Balomir grabs hold of the hilt and turns his mount towards the doors.

Seeing her comrade knocked down, Woodie grabs hold of Tempest, applying pressure to an open wound on his shoulder. The effort is enough for the warrior to snap back to consciousness and regain his feet.

With another thrust of his blade into the works, Paelias smashes the gear mechanism in the statue and the whip falls still to the ground.

Caewin, Sting and Woodie continue to attack the evistro demons who fall one after the other.

With one more blast, Woodie kills the last remaining demon just as Balomir reaches the steps to the doors. The party make their way back to the hall and towards the southern doors.

Episode 15 - Well of Demons, Part III

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