Balomir Stonebeard


Dwarven Paladin of Kord


Typical for his race, the dwarf before you stands no more than four and a half feet tall and easily tips the scales at 200 pounds. He wears heavy chain armour and carries a razor sharp axe. Tucked into his belt, his long grey beard is interwoven with small silver clasps shaped as lightning bolts; an obvious symbol of his devotion to Kord, the god of storms, competition and battle.

The shield slung over his shoulder also bears the symbol of Kord but a second symbol joins it; a warhammer, symbol of Moradin, the Dwarven god of miners, smiths, artisans and family.

He reaches out his large, calloused hand in greeting as he loudly announces “The name’s Balomir Stonebeard and I’m here tae find this missin’ cleric”. An easy smile crosses his face as he clamps his heavy hand over yours, nearly breaking your fingers in the process.

From beneath bushy eyebrows, his dark eyes twinkle and he roars with laughter. “By the look of you lot, you’ll be needin’ me axe and shield. Now, let’s find the tavern.”

Balomir was born in the Dwarven city of Hammerfast 55 years ago. His father, a humble priest in the temple of Moradin, started him on his road to divinity when he was quite young. His days were spent performing chores and participating in minor temple duties. As an Initiate of Moradin, Balomir showed some promise as a healer and with the guidance of his father, worked at developing these skills.

When he wasn’t busy in the temple, his father would often send him to help his uncle at the forges. Balomir was fairly proficient at working metal into helmets or bolts but couldn’t keep his mind focused when he was asked to repair a shovel or shoe a mule.

On the rare occasions he didn’t have to work or when he was able to sneak away from his studies, Balomir would visit his grandfather. Although almost 200 years old, his grandfather was every bit as strong as his uncle or father. Balomir could spend hours listening to tales of adventure, of wars fought before he was born and of his grandfather’s own exploits as a warrior.

It was nearly 20 years ago that his grandfather died and on that day, Balomir decided he wouldn’t follow his father’s footsteps and lead a dull life in the temple. No, he yearned for adventure and battle like his grandfather. Ignoring his father’s wishes, Balomir sought out the Temple of Kord and began his training as a paladin.

Through hard work and dedication, Balomir made his body and will strong. Days spent in melee training, evenings spent in prayer. As part of his training, Balomir was tasked with crafting his own weapons and armour. With the guidance of his uncle, he was able to fashion a suit of chain and Kord’s favoured weapon, a battle axe. After years of study and practice, Balomir was ready to face the Trials. Once the testing was complete and the rites performed, he was knighted as a Paladin of Kord.

In reverence to Kord, Balomir respects the following commands:

- Be strong, but do not use your strength for wanton destruction. - Be brave and scorn cowardice in any form. - Prove your might in battle to win glory and renown.

Keeping with Kord’s philosophy, Balomir doesn’t actively seek to harm others or wish them ill; competition need not be about anger or aggression, disputes can be solved through non-lethal sports or contests of strength.

He also won’t go out of his way or put himself at risk without some hope for reward. Balomir sees defending his honour, winning a tournament or earning gold as perfectly acceptable rewards for his efforts.

He supports law and order but only when it benefits him. Rules are necessary for fair competition but nobody has the right to tell him what he can or can’t do.

He also values his own freedom without worrying too much about protecting the freedom of others. People must take responsibility for their own actions, prove their strength and earn respect.

Balomir is honest and believes in honouring his duties to Kord but he can also be impatient and restless. Others may see him as self-assured but when challenged, he can be impulsive and reckless, letting his competitive streak get the better of him. In competition or combat he is brave and bold, driven and fierce but does recognize the difference between difficult and suicidal.

When not training or performing duties for the temple, Balomir can often be found in the tavern (challenging others to arm wrestling matches with the next pitcher of ale at stake) or relaxing in the natural spring baths at the temple (smoking his pipe and reflecting on his training regiment).

For the most part, Balomir is outgoing and charming, enthusiastic and positive. He enjoys sharing a drink and a laugh with his comrades and offers up a fair share of good-natured teasing to him companions.

His father never approved of Balomir’s decision to leave Moradin’s temple and had refused to see or speak with him since the day he devoted himself to Kord.

Until last week.

Balomir was busy making arrangements for the Hammerfast Fair’s athletic competitions when his father called on him at the temple. Not having spoken to each other in nearly 20 years proved difficult for both of them. But not too difficult for his father to get to the point of his visit.

“I’m not here to forgive ye. What you did was an insult to yer family and to Moradin himself. But perhaps you can start making amends by doing me a favour.”

At this point, his father explained his relationship with Douven Staul, how they had traveled together many years ago, trying to bring order to a world of chaos. It seems that this priest of Bahamut had disappeared on his way from Fallcrest to Winterhaven and Balomir’s father wanted him to investigate.

Balomir’s first thought was that this was probably a simple case of an old man going off to die in the wilderness or perhaps traveling alone, he met an unkind fate at the hands of bandits or monsters. However, listening to his fathers words, the way he spoke and the things he said (but more importantly, the things he didn’t say), made Balomir realize there was probably more to this priest than he first thought. (And probably more to his father as well.)

After consulting with the High Priest of Kord, Balomir began making preparations for his journey to Fallcrest. His father had mentioned he would meet others at the Bahamut temple who would assist in this task.

Gathering his gear, Balomir takes up the greatest challenge he’s ever faced. For the first time in his life, he’ll leave the comfort of his home and the security of his own people and enter a strange new world; a world of adventure; the world of men.

Balomir Stonebeard

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