Kalarel Tattoo

This page serves as the “hub” for all of the information in our campaign. I will try to keep a good log of background information, characters, and everything right here at your fingertips. Feel free to edit any pages and add extra detail if you like.

  • PCs – This is a list of all of the player characters in our campaign
  • BACKGROUND – This is a brief description of the settings and background for our campaign. It is pretty generic D&D, and I haven’t embellished much.
  • STORY – This is the list of stories (mostly written by Craig) for each adventure. It actually makes a really good read. Maybe we can publish a book one day! LOL
  • NPCs – This is a list of all of the non-player characters in the story. I am going to try and keep this updated. Feel free to add any extra info that you would like.

Terror of Nagash

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